Kubera Soft Silk Saree with Blouse – Blue


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✅ Care Instructions: Normal Wash
✅ Occasions: This Saree is Specially design for wedding, Party and Festive Season of Indian women’s wear. Length: Saree Length is 5.5 Meter and Blouse Length is 0.80 Meter.
✅ Chap Dyeing: “Chap dyeing” refers to a specific dyeing technique where the fabric is folded and dyed in a way that creates a distinctive pattern or effect. In the context of a Kubera soft silk saree, this technique could be used to create unique patterns and shades on the fabric.
✅ Copper Zari Silk: The term “Copper Zari” indicates the use of copper threads in the zari work of the saree. Zari is a type of metallic thread often used to embellish traditional Indian garments, giving them a rich and luxurious look.
✅ Two-Tone Border: The saree likely has a border with two contrasting tones, adding visual interest and enhancing its overall design. This dual-toned border could feature intricate patterns or motifs.
✅Rich Pallu: The “rich pallu” signifies a heavily designed and ornate end piece of the saree, typically featuring intricate motifs, zari work, and vibrant colors. It’s a focal point of the saree that enhances its elegance.
✅ Brocade Blouse: A brocade blouse complements the Kanjivaram silk saree. Brocade is a decorative fabric characterized by raised patterns, often made using metallic threads. The blouse is likely designed to match or complement the saree’s overall look.


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