Digital Print Soft Silk Saree with Blouse – Brown


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✅ Care Instructions: Normal Wash
✅ Silk Fabric: The saree is made of soft silk, a luxurious and high-quality fabric known for its smooth texture, sheen, and comfort.
✅ Occasions: This Saree is Specially design for wedding, Party and Festive Season of Indian women’s wear.  Saree Length is 5.5 Meter and Blouse Length is 0.80 Meter.
✅ Digital Printing: The design on the saree is created using digital printing technology, which allows for precise and intricate patterns to be printed directly onto the silk fabric.
✅ Vibrant Designs: Digital printing enables a wide range of colorful and detailed designs, including floral patterns, geometric shapes, abstract designs, and more.
✅Lightweight and Comfortable: Soft silk is known for its lightweight and comfortable feel, making the saree easy to drape and carry.
✅Maintenance: Silk sarees, including those with digital prints, require gentle care to maintain their beauty. Dry cleaning or gentle handwashing is typically recommended to preserve the fabric and colors.


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